Autism Assessments

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental condition that encompasses a wide range of experiences, behaviors, and ways of interacting with the world.

Every individual on the spectrum has their unique strengths, challenges, and perspectives. Understanding autism is about recognizing this diversity and appreciating the richness it brings to our communities.

The Significance of Comprehensive Autism Assessments

Autism manifests differently in every individual. Some may have profound communication challenges, while others might possess exceptional skills in specific areas.

Accurate diagnosis and understanding are crucial, not just for labeling but for tailoring interventions, support, and strategies that resonate with an individual’s unique needs.

At Inner Growth Counseling, our Autism Assessments are designed to be thorough, empathetic, and individualized, ensuring that every facet of an individual’s experience is acknowledged and understood.

Empowerment Through Insight and Compassion

Receiving an autism diagnosis can be a transformative experience.

It’s not just about identifying a condition; it’s about understanding oneself or a loved one on a deeper level.

Our team at Inner Growth Counseling approaches every assessment with profound empathy and respect, ensuring that the process is supportive, informative, and empowering.

We believe that with the right insights and tools, every individual on the autism spectrum can lead a fulfilling and enriched life.

Tailored Neurodivergence Assessments: Choose Your Path to Understanding

Cost of Service

Our licensed clinicians specialize in adult neurodivergence and are highly qualified to guide you through this process. The assessment and screening services are specifically for adults (18+) and teens (13+) who believe they may have ADHD or autism. We offer two (2) options for those seeking validation of their neurodivergence.

Option 1: Neurodivergence Screening (“Neuro Screening”)

Cost: $300 | Time: 90 minutes | Service: No diagnosis provided  

  • The screening consists of questions regarding your traits, history, and challenges only in relation to ADHD and autism. 
  • A quick review of your information is compared to DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.  
  • There is typically no waiting time for the screening report.  
  • Your provider will discuss their findings and advise whether continuing with the diagnostic assessment (Option 2) is warranted.  
  • Screenings CANNOT be submitted for insurance reimbursement. 

Option 2: Comprehensive Clinical Assessment

Cost: $1000 | Time: 180 minutes in interview + 30-minute follow-up session | Service: Formal diagnosis and recommendations provided

  • Fee covers the time taken for assessment interview, all additional time spent completing documentation or related tasks, and follow-up session.
  • The CCA consists of questions regarding your traits, history, and challenges beyond just those thought to be related to neurodivergence.
  • A thorough review of your information is cross-examined with common misdiagnoses then compared to DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.
  • A comprehensive diagnostic report based on the data acquired during the assessment process is completed and a copy provided to you. 
  • The wait time for the diagnostic report ranges from only 2 – 4 weeks. 
  • At the follow-up session, your provider will discuss their findings and provide a copy of the assessment for you to review and approve. 
  • Comprehensive Assessments CAN be submitted for insurance reimbursement.

This 2-part system allows you to receive services at a speed that is comfortable for you. It also allows you to divide the cost over time. If your screening indicates that continuing with the diagnosis is not warranted, or the screening is sufficient to satisfy your needs, you do not have to spend any additional time or money completing the comprehensive assessment.

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Whether you’re exploring Individual Counseling, seeking connection through Group Counseling Services, or nurturing bonds in Relationship Therapy and Family Counseling Services, Inner Growth Counseling is here to guide and support. Learn more About Inner Growth Counseling, and for those on the autism spectrum, our Autism Assessments provide in-depth evaluations. If you have questions, our Therapy FAQs are a helpful resource. When you’re ready to gain clarity and understanding through ADHD Assessments, let’s Start Therapy together.